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Louisiana has greatly benefited from the influx of higher end medical facilities over the past few years by bringing in new jobs and tax revenue.

When a new, major facility is introduced into any area it has a trickle down effect on the economy of the respective area.  In many instances, we are all aware of the benefits of the major real estate deals when a new medical facility is introduced to the area.  One great example of that is the recent building of the Medical Center of New Orleans, located at 2021 Perdido St, New Orleans, LA 70112 in downtown NOLA. Also the reworking of the old Charity Hospital – which is now University Medical Center.  Even the most recent sale of the Heart Hospital in Lacombe LA brings an influx of funds into the area.

How Does The Money Flow?

When a major real estate investment in a medical facility, such as described above, takes place, we see a lot of money move around.  Not only are local construction jobs created, but cement businesses as well as furniture, lighting all the way down to the linens must be purchased.

Peripheral Money

lsu medical centerNot only do we see a huge amount of money move around, which drives new tax revenue, but there are other sources of money flow.  With medical facilities comes high paying jobs such as Doctors, Nurses and hospital facilitators.  All of these new jobs pay much higher than the average for Greater New Orleans.  These employees generally purchase luxury homes for sale in New Orleans too.  This now employs real estate agents, title companies, insurance companies as well as the new spending that comes from any property purchase.  In addition to the large medical complexes, other medical facilities such as inpatient rehabs, Home Healthcare agencies, and urgent care locations offer many of the same peripheral increases in tax review for the state of Louisiana.

Better Health For New Orleans

As a final consideration, ultimately the best investment we see from these medical facilities in NOLA, we ultimately can anticipate better health care.  New Orleans healthcare has not always been considered top tier.  With the major spending that is taking place, we now have high hopes for substantially better healthcare in NOLA and all of Louisiana.

The Economics of Healthcare


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